It’s the home of geekysteve… the original geekysteve – accept no imitators!

Geekysteve came online as a very basic blog sometime around early 2000. It was published entirely via manually coding HTML in a text editor and was clunky and wonky at best.

In 2004, geekysteve moved to (at the time) new cutting edge software: the MovableType blog platform. That platform worked well until around 2014, when SixApart (the publisher) dropped support for the version I was running. A few years later, geekysteve.com broke – I could no longer login to update content.

In 2018, a decision was made to “reboot” geekysteve.com and the site took on a new look and feel, compliments of WordPress. The original blog is still available, but all new content and entries will appear in this section of the site.

Thanks for being semi-interested in the happenings of my humble little life. Rest assured there will be plenty of rants and complaints in this third iteration. There will also be lots of animal pictures, and a lot less triathlon stuff. I’m getting old, fat, and lazy. 🙂