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Heaven = IKEA

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I went to my first IKEA store today. Wow - now I understand what all of the fuss is about. The place is unbelievably big, and everything there is astonishingly inexpensive. Granted, it's not Kreis quality, but it didn't seem like your garden variety Wal-Mart garbage either.

I took a bunch of pictures of stuff I liked, but I've misplaced my Compact Flash Card Reader... that means no pictures until I find it... which might be never, given the current state of the Charlie household right now - things are a little helter skelter.

(Edit: Found the reader when I got home - it was buried in my bag)

Moving Day

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Well yesterday was moving day for Charlie, and as such, I was without an internet connection for the entire day. Our day began at 7:00am when the movers showed up.

No news for today.

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Another boring day. Spent the day packing stuff at Charlie's house, getting ready for tomorrow's move. Ate at Anita's tonight.. had a chicken crisp and a chicken chimichanga. Mexican food here in DC is expensive - our meal cost nearly $40 for two people... comparatively, at my favorite Mexican restaurant in Bentonville (Maria's Mexican Food), the same meal for two costs just $9.76 + tip.

I'll have photos tomorrow - the move should be interesting. Movers are arriving at 8:00am!

One of the big projects for this DC trip is for me to rebuild the computer that our accountant/book keeper uses. She'd been using an old Windows 98 machine, but the thing is more shaky than Michael J Fox (sorry Fox fans). As of last week, the machine has completely crashed - 9 out of 10 times it won't boot, and when it does, Windows says there's a bunch of corrupted files and that it needs to restart.

Home Away From Home

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Well, I'm in DC. Got in around 5:30pm local time, grabbed some dinner (Kabobs - ick), and then hit the mall with Charlie. He's moving to a new townhouse, and needs to buy furniture so we hit a few furniture shops.

Anyway, as promised, I did have my Jim's Interstate BBQ in Memphis. Wow. Wonderful stuff, as usual.


Stayed in Memphis for about 2 hours, then hit the skies on my way to DC. It's rainy and overcast here... we'll see what tomorrow brings.

Ahh, airports.

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Or should I say, eww - airports?

Is it just me, or are airports quite possibly the dirtiest places on the planet? Well, ok - maybe the actual airplanes are more dirty, but airports themselves can't be far behind.

For all of you Apple Folks

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I like a fast mouse. I mean, really fast. Apple's mouse speed settings are, at best, barely tolerable when set to the highest speed. I was reading the dealmac forums when I saw a post from a guy about a program called MouseZoom (143KB).

Download it, install it, and enjoy it. It's awesome. The instructions are very simple - check it out... you'll love it.

Lazy Day

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I love Saturdays. I get to sleep in a little bit... When I wake-up, I turn on NPR and listen to Michael Feldman's Whatdya Know, flip through a little of that exciting Saturday morning TV, check my e-mail and then go about my traditional Saturday ritual of cleaning the house. I think I'll clean the garage and blow some leaves today, just to change things up a bit...


Hello World.


So... my first blog. Ahhh... feels sorta' good. :-)

What am I doing right now? Working on configuring my blog, getting things set-up and customized... listening to Helmet - Unsung: The Best of Helmet 1991-1997. Man, I miss these guys... Such a great band.


... and might I add that this Blog software is awesome - it's so much easier than hand coding all of your own HTML. :-)