Ahh, airports.

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Or should I say, eww - airports?

Is it just me, or are airports quite possibly the dirtiest places on the planet? Well, ok - maybe the actual airplanes are more dirty, but airports themselves can't be far behind.

I'm sitting here at the fabulous Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport (XNA), in their little business center, and the tables are filthy. There's a glob of something sitting just to the right of my arm, and to my left, the desk is stained with coffee-cup-rings (there has to be 20+ stains). The chairs suck, it's way too cold in here, and they're charging me $7.95 to use their wireless internet connection. Thankfully, the connection is pretty fast - I'm pulling about 500 KB/s download and uploading at around 256 KB/s, so I can't complain - it kills my home connection.

And, I'd like to give a shout-out to Northwest Airlines. I recently made "elite" status with them (I had previously been a Platinum member with American Airlines, but after repeated screw-ups on their part, I vowed to never fly them again), and as a little surprise, I was automatically upgraded, free of charge, to First Class for my trip. w0000t!

I'll chime in from Memphis - that's my connection point. I'm looking forward to some of Jim's Interstate BBQ pulled pork. I try to swing by every time I'm in Memphis. The service stinks, the place is small (and dirty), but the BBQ is oh so good. :-D

Oh, and for those who are interested in these types of things, you can follow me on my way to DC. You can use Flytecomm to track the status of Northwest Flight 1856 (XNA-MEM) and Northwest Flight 1860 (MEM-DCA). Let's hope everything is on-time!

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