Have I mentioned how much I hate Windows?

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One of the big projects for this DC trip is for me to rebuild the computer that our accountant/book keeper uses. She'd been using an old Windows 98 machine, but the thing is more shaky than Michael J Fox (sorry Fox fans). As of last week, the machine has completely crashed - 9 out of 10 times it won't boot, and when it does, Windows says there's a bunch of corrupted files and that it needs to restart.

So today I took one of our new Dell's (which came loaded with tons of useless programs like AOL 9.0 and Windows XP Home - the single worst OS in existence, save for Windoze ME), formatted the drive and began installing Windows XP Pro. After getting the OS installed, I had to install 22 security updates + 2 service packs + countless "software improvements," drivers, anti-virus, and a slew of other programs. Time wasted on Windows today = 7.25 hours. Tomorrow I have to take the drive from the old machine, attach it to the new machine and try to extract our accounting info... then we'll set it up for network back-ups (to our trusty Apple XServe), and we're going to put a second back-up drive in the Dell just to be "safe." Man, you have to love Windows and it's awesome reliability!

No pictures today... nothing exciting enough to photograph. We had a terrible dinner (diet wise) - stopped at Fuddruckers for some burgers and fries. I also had an Oreo shake... I feel like I put on 800-lbs today. :-)


I feel your pain (although rebuilding our workroom G5 took about six hours of loading software and updates...)

Here's an amusing strip from cltr+alt+del that deals with the Mac/Windows parallel...keep clicking next to see the continuation.


- jen

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