Lazy Day

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I love Saturdays. I get to sleep in a little bit... When I wake-up, I turn on NPR and listen to Michael Feldman's Whatdya Know, flip through a little of that exciting Saturday morning TV, check my e-mail and then go about my traditional Saturday ritual of cleaning the house. I think I'll clean the garage and blow some leaves today, just to change things up a bit...


As I was cleaning the house, I noticed that the animals weren't really helping much... Big Boy was manning the couch (it's his favorite spot), and Sulley was soaking up sunlight in the office. Monica had been playing with the Green Goblin (see photo above), but I guess she grew tired of it, as she left it sitting in the middle of the floor after just a few minutes...

We had a foster dog last week - her name is Rachel, and she is a sweet female Great Dane, probably about 3 years old or so. I felt so bad for her - she needs a lot of attention, but unfortunately I'm leaving for DC next week and having 4 dogs in the house is too much work for Amy to handle by herself. So, Rachel went to Mary's house in Little Rock, where we hope she'll get along fine with the other dogs in Dane Rescue.

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