Moving Day

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Well yesterday was moving day for Charlie, and as such, I was without an internet connection for the entire day. Our day began at 7:00am when the movers showed up.

The movers were great guys - they worked like horses - they made countless trips up and down the stairs, loaded to the gills with heavy furniture and boxes. What lifesavers. They got the truck packed by noon, then we drove over to the new place and began the unloading process. Unloading goes a lot faster - we were completely unloaded by 1:30. The funniest part of the move was that the lettering on the van was made of corrugated cardboard that had been spray painted and glued to the van. In the picture, you can see how the lettering is peeling off - well, the "M" flew past me on the way to the new place. I told them that I almost hit their "M" and one of them goes, "We fix it tonight."

Here's a sample picture of the new place. As you can see, it's a bit on the empty side - we're working hard to get everything unpacked and organized.

Finally, at around 11:00pm, we had to call it quits, so we called up Dominos and had a little dinner.

Today's events included more unpacking, and then hitting the office to catch up on things we missed over the past few days.

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