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Meet Largo

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Largo is our latest foster from the Arkansas Great Dane Rescue. We picked him up yesterday from just outside of Tulsa, OK. He was an owner surrender.


He's a sweet boy, about 3 years old (though he looks much older, thanks to the gray in his mask), and has never been an inside dog...

Day in Photos

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Not much to say about today. Cleaned the house, ran errands, and took pictures.

Sulley sat in his usual spot...

Tom (a cat we're babysitting) plays with one of the kittens (thank God for fast cameras!)

One of the kittens decides he'll take his chances "bunking" with Big Boy.

Gobble Gobble!

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Hope everyone's having (or had) a great Thanksgiving Day. Here at Casa de Geeky, we made the traditional turkey with dressing. I must admit... I've never had a turkey as juicy as this bad boy was. He (or she?) was a 17.5-lb fresh young turkey that we ordered from the local butcher shop. It browned nicely, and thanks to Alton Brown's Brined Turkey Method, it was absolutely superb - not a hint of dryness anywhere.

So, here are some dinner photos. Things were a bit chaotic, so the photos aren't anything great. Enjoy, and hope you all enjoyed your Thanksgiving.

The turkey rests on the counter.

Thanksgiving Preparations

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What an exciting day today was. Exciting in the "Ain't that just great" way, not the "Wow!" way. Let's see, where to begin?

For a few weeks, I'd noticed that there was a rusty liquid congregating near the left front tire of the Tahoe. Normally, this pool of rusty water would have been cause for significant alarm, but I have this parking "aid" that sits in that very pool of water, so I figured the rust was a result of the parking thingy getting wet from the Tahoe (it's been raining a lot lately).

About 2 weeks ago, the Tahoe started telling me it was "Low on Washer Fluid." And when I realized that I couldn't remember the last time I had filled it with washer fluid, I didn't think twice as I filled the reservoir with fresh washer fluid earlier on Monday. This morning, I went to start the Tahoe, and it said, "Low on Washer Fluid." Odd - I didn't remember using the washer fluid that much yesterday...

The battery cable...

So I crawled under the Tahoe, half expecting to discover that a mouse had chewed through a washer fluid line, when it hit me. Rust, low washer fluid, etched concrete...

How do Vegans do it?

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My breakfast from Le Pain Quotidien, West Hollywood, CA.

I was going through my photos from LA when I found this one, and remembered that I forgot to post about my "organic, vegan, all natural" dining experience. In the photo above, you're looking at: an all natural, vegan, organic, blueberry muffin with an organic coffee and soy milk. Total cost: $6.25

Nurse Regis tends to a sick kitten. (click to enlarge)

Amy brought home some kittens late last week that were in danger of dying at the shelter. They're very young - perhaps 4 weeks or so, and aren't in the best of shape. One of them is doing better than the other - he eats like a horse, and likes to play. But the other isn't doing so well. We have to force feed him, and he's not developing like his brother is. I hope they both make it - they're really cute and sweet.

(Entry continues - click on "continue reading" below)

I Love LA

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Having a great time here in LA! (Well, save for the traffic...)

That's me, about 10 minutes ago. It only took me 2 hours to get from Huntington Beach to Sunset Blvd. :-) Thank God for the NeverLost system from Hertz.

What a day! I met and interviewed Chip Foose, and got to hang out on the set of OverHaulin'. What an incredible experience (more pictures if you continue reading)!

Catch my drift?

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Spent the day at Willow Springs Raceway, running The Streets of Willow. The course is definitely a fun course, and it's pretty technical, so it was challenging and fun. Today was Tuner Car day, meaning that there weren't any OEM cars there - they were all from specialty aftermarket tuners.

I drove a Daytona Coupe replica (see photos in "continued entry"), and that thing was a blast. I also got a ride in a "Drift Car", and I have to say that it was a blast. Click the "continue" below for read more about my day.

That's me, being stuffed into a racing seat that was way too small, in a car that was way too small (made even smaller with the addition of roll cage and other safety goodies). And, like an idiot, I was smiling for the picture - like the camera would see through my helmet and catch my pearly whites... ugh.

Getting Ready for Willow Springs

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So I'm at my hotel in Lancaster, California, getting ready for the MPG outing tomorrow. The room is pretty nice, and the hotel has free wireless internet access. Here's me sitting in the room watching TV and cleaning my helmet.

Ate lunch at In-N-Out... man, that place is so great. I'll be eating there as much as possible while here in LA. :-)

What a weekend.

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My parents came to visit this weekend, and I really had a great time with them. It was good to see them, and we cooked a nice dinner on Saturday (fillets, grilled asparagus, mushrooms (my own recipe), garlic/buttermilk mashed potatoes and cheesecake with raspberry glaze). We went to Eureka Springs, the mall, and had a good time.

The low point of the weekend was that one of our foster dogs died on Saturday while at our house...(story continues by clicking the link below)

I'm in California now, staying at the Hyatt on Sunset Boulevard. I just got back from the Saddle Ranch, where I had a burger and fries.

For those not in the know, my Tahoe desperately needed new tires. Well, it's actually a longer story than that (see the extended entry for more info)... Anyway, I ordered new tires from The Tire Rack on Friday, and they arrived at 10:00am this morning - that's impressive!


Of course, Regis took this opportunity to sit outside in the garage (he loves the garage), so I obliged him on the condition that he allow me to snap a few pictures of him. He didn't seem to mind...

Weekend Update

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Well the weekend turned out to be beautiful, with highs in the low 80's for us. Spent a lot of time out doors working on the yard, blowing leaves, cleaning the garage and doing other chores.

I forgot to take my camera to Brewskis, so alas, there are no pictures of the infamous Brewski burger... it's a shame, because Friday night's burger was absolutely divine. We met with my friend and ended up staying for a few hours - the place was busy, the food was great and the conversation was definitely fun.

In other news, my parents are coming down to visit us on Thursday. We'll be going to Eureka Springs, so I'll be sure to bring my camera along. Oh, and I've mastered my cheesecake recipe... muwahaha, muwahahaha, muwhahaha... it's so good, but so evil... I'll take pictures when I make my next batch (which should be later this week).

Foggy Fall Mornings

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It's definitely fall here in the Ozarks. Unfortunately, due to the drought this summer, most of the trees didn't change color - they simply turned gray/brown, dropped their leaves and nodded off into their winter slumber.


Woke up this morning, looked outside and was greeted by a bone-sucking-chilly fog.


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Ahhh. It's good to be home again. My flight back from DC was wonderful - got the free 1st Class upgrade again (thanks Northwest!), and everything was on-time and trouble free.

The best part about coming home after a week or two on the road is going through all the mail that came while I was gone... I got my new Alton Brown Book!! I can't wait to start reading it.


But it looks like I might have to wrestle Kozmo for it - she's adopted it as her new perch... She has a thing for sitting on paper, and if it's a stack of paper then all the better! She's such a character.

Great. Just Great.

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Ugh. We're all screwed. Thanks, America, for re-electing that buffoon, "Dubya" back into office.

All messed up.

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This day light savings thing really messes me up. I'm so tired right now, even though it's "only" 10pm. My eating schedule is screwed up - I'm hungry an hour earlier than I should be... and, to top things off, I *still* can't find my compact flash card reader, so I can't share any new pictures...

Ate at Chipolte today - I forget how good that place is, considering it's fast food and owned by McDonald's. Other than that, nothing too exciting to report or share. I'm going to go back to tearing up Charlie's house looking for my CF reader. :-)