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Spent the day at Willow Springs Raceway, running The Streets of Willow. The course is definitely a fun course, and it's pretty technical, so it was challenging and fun. Today was Tuner Car day, meaning that there weren't any OEM cars there - they were all from specialty aftermarket tuners.

I drove a Daytona Coupe replica (see photos in "continued entry"), and that thing was a blast. I also got a ride in a "Drift Car", and I have to say that it was a blast. Click the "continue" below for read more about my day.

That's me, being stuffed into a racing seat that was way too small, in a car that was way too small (made even smaller with the addition of roll cage and other safety goodies). And, like an idiot, I was smiling for the picture - like the camera would see through my helmet and catch my pearly whites... ugh.

Let me say that drifting doesn't get the respect that it deserves. The cars are fast - waaay fast. The drivers are talented - I've never seen a guy doing so many things at once... he's clutching the car to keep the tires spinning, gassing the car to keep it in a controlled slide, slinging the steering wheel from stop-to-stop, using the hand-brake as necessary to add or reduce slide, and shifting from 2nd through 4th gear... THE ENTIRE TIME, simultaneously. Here's what it looks like from afar:


When the run was over, I was grinning - ear to ear.

The driver, Calvin Wan, said that my run was one of his best of the day... and I believe him. We were drifting sideways through corners like I never thought possible. After my 4 laps were over, Hurley Haywood, a very famous race driver, asked to borrow my helmet... so I obliged him.

So, how was the rest of the day? Great. Drove a lot of good "tuner cars" including some kit cars from Factory Five Racing. They had six cars there - 3 Cobra replicas and 3 Daytona Coupe replicas. The Daytona Coupe was my favorite - it had a Rousch Racing, 402 cubic-inch, 505-horsepower V8 with a 6-speed. The acceleration was unreal, but the handling was only so-so. I believe the car could have benefitted from better tires - the tires looked like they were all season tires, so the car was a bit unsettled during hard cornering.

Other cars driven: Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VIII (about 5 of them), Nissan 350Z (about 3 of them), Subaru WRX STi (about 5 of them), Dodge Neon SRT4, Volvo S60R Evolve (very fun car), and some others that I'm forgetting. Also got to drive the new Porsche 911 Carrera S, but not on the track - it was a street drive car only, but it was fun pounding it through the empty roads of Rosamond.

More later...I'm off to In-N-Out for a burger. :-)


I thought you were simply driving cars like a
normal person. Glad I'm not there to see it.
Stay safe.

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