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Not much to say about today. Cleaned the house, ran errands, and took pictures.

Sulley sat in his usual spot...

Tom (a cat we're babysitting) plays with one of the kittens (thank God for fast cameras!)

One of the kittens decides he'll take his chances "bunking" with Big Boy.

Monica is perplexed by all of this...

Regis is ready to go for a R-I-D-E (you can't say the word near him).

Tom decided the couch might be a nice place to rest.

Looks like Big Boy and the Kitten are fine with one another.

Herman's in Fayetteville at around 6:00pm this evening.

Herman's is a "famous" rib joint that's been around since the mid-to-late 1940's. The place is rundown, and in dire need of some renovation, but I guess they like it the way it is. The walls are filled with pictures of everyone from famous presidents to local pool sharks - all autographed with a "thanks for the great meal" note.

It's a Fayetteville tradition (one that only took me 3+ years to discover). :-)


Steve- you should seriously consider sending that one picture of Tom and the kitten to some sort of photo contest. That picture is priceless. How are the kittens doing? I showed my mom pictures of Regis when he was "holding" the kitten, and now she always asks me if you've posted pictures of Regis.

Hi Greg,

The kittens are doing great. The one with spots on his head is still stronger and farther along than the all white kitten, but they're both doing really well. Their respiratory infections have cleared up, and they're eating like horses.

They love to play, and are quite the mischevious little kitties. :-)

Regis still loves to hang out by them, and he tries to "herd" them if they get too far away from him. He's a weirdo. ;-)

Photoshop a gun into Tom's raised paw and a police badge into his black fur.

"gettin' pulled over by a black and white..."

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