Foggy Fall Mornings

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It's definitely fall here in the Ozarks. Unfortunately, due to the drought this summer, most of the trees didn't change color - they simply turned gray/brown, dropped their leaves and nodded off into their winter slumber.


Woke up this morning, looked outside and was greeted by a bone-sucking-chilly fog.

It was cold enough (37 F) that Regis was the only one who felt like going outside. He sat on "the top rope" for a while, then scared away some deer who came along looking for something to eat.

Inside, things weren't much more exciting... Everyone was cuddled up together, sleeping the chill away. In a rare moment of unity, Monica and Big Boy shared the couch (and a blanket), while Kozmo and Kramer shared the ottoman. No one was in any hurry to give up their comfy, cozy spots. Can't say that I blame 'em.

We're off to Brewski's tonight for a Brewski burger and a few drinks with a long-time friend. Should be a good time, and I'll be sure to post pictures from my favorite restaurant tomorrow.

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