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Hope everyone's having (or had) a great Thanksgiving Day. Here at Casa de Geeky, we made the traditional turkey with dressing. I must admit... I've never had a turkey as juicy as this bad boy was. He (or she?) was a 17.5-lb fresh young turkey that we ordered from the local butcher shop. It browned nicely, and thanks to Alton Brown's Brined Turkey Method, it was absolutely superb - not a hint of dryness anywhere.

So, here are some dinner photos. Things were a bit chaotic, so the photos aren't anything great. Enjoy, and hope you all enjoyed your Thanksgiving.

The turkey rests on the counter.

Mmmmmm... Apple Sage Sausage Walnut dressing...

Garlic Buttermilk mashed potatoes (with a little parmesan cheese grated in).

Cranberry/orange dipping sauce.

Dinner is served, with a 1997 Rodney Strong Pinot Noir. Amy added corn to her meal, and gravy (made from the turkey drippings).

And for desert... a sweet potato pie, with maple pecan topping. My crust was too soft... dangit... and it stuck to the pie tin when I removed the pie. Tasted great, but didn't look the best. :-)

And now, it's off to the couch, for some tryptophan-induced grogginess.


Looks damn good Steve! That turkey looks about 100x better than the one my grandma made. I mentioned before how I didn't notice a difference with Alton's brined recipe, well let me say after today's dried out bird, I retract that statement. Last year, when we did his brined recipe, it was very tender and juicy. How did you make the cranberry-orange dipping sauce? Well I hope Amy was happy with the effort. Happy Thanksgiving.

Steve: It looks wonderful; I hope you had a blessed Thanksgiving. Love Dad

From John: That meal looked great. I cooked that same meal at my house. It was on page 10 of the Thanksgiving Feast Meal Magazine that Mom sent us. You didn't make all that you big liar. You once made a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and you couldn't even spread the peanut butter right. Ha-ha. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

From Amy: Your dishes look very nice, as does the meal. I received your list and will definetly be shopping from it. Mom wants to ask if Amy has any ideas. She said if so, send it to their email. I hope you both are full and resting the meal off today. Have a good Weekend.


The sauce was extremely easy (another AB recipe...):

12oz cranberries
24oz ginger ale
16oz orange juice
3 tbsp dark brown sugar
3 tbsp maple syrup
zest of 1 orange (no pith, if possible)

Combine all ingredients in a sauce pan and bring to a boil. The cranberries will throw off some scum, so skim it away as the mixture heats. Once it boils and the scum is gone, reduce the heat to a simmer, and reduce by 1/2. Remove the orange zest, and using a stick blender, blend it until smooth. Serve warm.


To my family: If y'all came down here to Arkeensawr, we'd have us some fancy viddles like the ones you see in these here pittchurs. :-)

And John... come on now... we all know that I don't like jelly on my peanut butter sammys...

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