Great. Just Great.

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Ugh. We're all screwed. Thanks, America, for re-electing that buffoon, "Dubya" back into office.

I realize that it's still quite early in the evening, but I just have a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach. With Moron already "earning" 193 of the electoral votes, the hope of a regime change isn't looking good. I can't believe that our country would vote for an idiot like Bush who is all about: censorship, glad-handing big business, bankrupting our country by "fighting" a war in Iraq*, turning a blind eye to real problems back home, and getting the rest of the world mad at us.

Granted, he did a great job immediately after 9/11, but it's been all downhill since then. Rumsfeld is incompetent, Cheney's a crook (Haliburton), Ashcroft's a homophobic hypocrite who wants to push his bible banging beliefs on everyone, our allies have deserted us, and we're no closer to achieving any stability in the middle east and Afghanistan. I'm just nauseous.

Sure, Kerry's not much better, but by getting Bush out of office it gives us a chance (and a good excuse) to make some major changes in the state of things here and around the world... I pray that when I wake up tomorrow I'm wrong about my current prediction, but I have a feeling that won't happen. Great, four more years of Bush-isms, flubs and corruption. I can't wait...

I want to pull my friggin' hair out.

* With our country as great and powerful as it is, our soldiers should be better prepared for their duties overseas. Reports of lack of appropriate armor, lack of supplies, lack of ammunition, lack of night vision goggles and other necessities is terribly upsetting. We spend billions of dollars on defense programs, and we can't give our boys the things they need to survive? It's such crap.


I thought you were a conservative Republican!

Mommy! I sorta' am, but I can't stand "dubya." :-)

How are you?!

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