How do Vegans do it?

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My breakfast from Le Pain Quotidien, West Hollywood, CA.

I was going through my photos from LA when I found this one, and remembered that I forgot to post about my "organic, vegan, all natural" dining experience. In the photo above, you're looking at: an all natural, vegan, organic, blueberry muffin with an organic coffee and soy milk. Total cost: $6.25

The restaurant that served me this fine breakfast was Le Pain Quotibien in West Hollywood, just off Melrose Avenue. It was an al fresco restaurant, and it was a real pleasure to sit on their deck, in the shade, and people watch as I munched on their baked goods.

Unfortunately, the pleasure ended there. The muffin had to be the single worst piece of "food" I've ever sampled. It would have been more effective as a brick than as a tasty morsel of food. I can appreciate the efforts of vegans, vegetarians, naturalists, and so on, but man -- your food is really missing something: taste. That muffin tasted like day-old dirt, had the texture of elementary school paste, and sat in my gut like a cement block in the kiddy pool.

I'll take a tasty cake, made with eggs any day. Sorry, chickens.

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