I Love LA

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Having a great time here in LA! (Well, save for the traffic...)

That's me, about 10 minutes ago. It only took me 2 hours to get from Huntington Beach to Sunset Blvd. :-) Thank God for the NeverLost system from Hertz.

What a day! I met and interviewed Chip Foose, and got to hang out on the set of OverHaulin'. What an incredible experience (more pictures if you continue reading)!

Here's Chip Foose in his "studio" at his shop. As you can see, things are a bit messy - the place is really hectic, but everyone knows exactly what they're doing. He's assembled a world-class team of fabricators - all of whom were hard at work on a top secret car that they wouldn't let me photograph. All I can say is, "WOW."

From there, we went to Chip's house, where I interviewed him and photographed him with one of his cars, "The SpeedBird." After that, I flew over to the Mothers Headquarters, and hung out with them for a while. Then it was off to a place called "Stitchcraft," which is where they were working on the OverHaulin' car (well, truck, actually).

Here's some photos from OverHaulin':

There was a crew of about 10-15 guys working on this GMC truck. They were on Day 5 of the build, and were running behind - the truck should've been gone (for paint and powder coating) at least 8-10 hours earlier. It was amazing to watch these guys work on the truck - the speed, the precision, the dedication... absolutely unreal.

One of the show's sponsors is OPG (Original Parts Group), and the owner of OPG showed up with his dog "Buzz." Buzz was an absolute darling - he *loves* plastic bottles (like empty water bottles), and was often trying to eat the sparks from the grinding wheels. Here's he's looking at a plastic bottle that was being held near the camera to get his attention.

Food is the ultimate motivational tool for most folks, and the crew of OverHaulin' is no exception. Here's one of the spreads they had set-up for everyone on the build crew. Aside from the workers, there were 3 camera guys, producers, and a staff of production assistants working in the "front office."

I'm back to Huntington Beach tomorrow for a follow-up with Chip (he had to fly to Detroit this afternoon for a meeting, and is due back tomorrow afternoon), then it's off to Long Beach to meet with a custom motorcycle builder for an interview and photos. WHEW! I'm off to find some dinner - most likely the Rainbow Lounge.


Sounds like your schedule is really packed. What
an exciting time you must be having. Wish I were there.

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