Meet Largo

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Largo is our latest foster from the Arkansas Great Dane Rescue. We picked him up yesterday from just outside of Tulsa, OK. He was an owner surrender.


He's a sweet boy, about 3 years old (though he looks much older, thanks to the gray in his mask), and has never been an inside dog...

The people who owned him kept him outside 24/7, and gave him "around 10 minutes of attention each day." (Wow, that's generous of you...) They complained that he would wreck the window screens and doors, trying to get inside the house, so they had to get rid of him. I say lucky him, because any person that dumb doesn't deserve to own any type of animal. Let's hope they have kids that are just as dumb, so that the world can continue its' downward spiral...

Anyway, Largo gets along great with our dogs - he likes to play, and they're more than happy to accommodate his desires. Unfortunately, Largo thinks cats are big, moving chew toys, so we've quarantined the cats in our master bathroom. They're not happy about that, but being kept in the bathroom for a few days is better than being D.E.D (that's Amy's spelling for "dead").

He's off to get neutered either tomorrow or Wednesday, then he'll be going to a more permanent foster home by the end of the week, as I'm leaving for Washington DC on Saturday morning.


Wow, almost a Regis clone!

Yeah - very close to Regis, but about 80lbs heavier and about 2 feet taller. :-D

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