Nurse Regis, a Mercedes and the 80-cent stamp

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Nurse Regis tends to a sick kitten. (click to enlarge)

Amy brought home some kittens late last week that were in danger of dying at the shelter. They're very young - perhaps 4 weeks or so, and aren't in the best of shape. One of them is doing better than the other - he eats like a horse, and likes to play. But the other isn't doing so well. We have to force feed him, and he's not developing like his brother is. I hope they both make it - they're really cute and sweet.

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Here are more photos of the kittens, and their bed nurse, Regis. He feels it's his duty to care for them. He protects them, nurtures them, and when they meow, he starts to whine. He's so concerned about them, and it would be funny if this were the first time he's acted this way, but he does it with every ill animal we have at our home. It's like he knows they're not doing well, so he does his part to help them...

Kitten checks out my desk. (click to enlarge)

The really sick kitten seems to like the camera. (click to enlarge)

Nurse Regis guards the kittens against any trouble makers. (click to enlarge)

Post Office Adventures

So I had to go to the post office earlier today. I got there, and there was only one car out front, a newer (2002 or 2003) Mercedes-Benz S600 sedan. Now, for those not familiar, this is a car that sold for at least $115,000 in 2002... Just inside the front door, making her way to the post office counter is an older woman, perhaps in her late 70's, and she's holding an envelope, her purse, and a Mercedes-Benz key.

"How much to mail this?" she asks the clerk.

The clerk looks at the letter and says, "Well, that's going to Italy, so we'll have to send it Air-Mail, which will cost eighty-cents."

"Eighty cents?!" she exclaims.

"Yes ma'am. It has to go Air-Mail, so it will be eighty-cents."

The woman starts to stammer, "Well, I can't believe that. I hope you enjoy stealing from us seniors. It only used to be twenty cents to send this."

The clerk smiles and says, "It hasn't been twenty cents for some time, at least 15 years."

The woman then snips back, "Well, I'm not made of money, so I won't be able to send my grand son his birthday card!"

At that point, I was trying hard not to say anything because I knew she was driving a $100k+ car. So, she kept standing there... like the clerk was going to cut her a "deal" on the card. I thought about offering to pay for the $0.80 letter, but instead, I said, "Maybe you could drive it to Italy in your $100,000 Mercedes-Benz?"

She turns around and goes, "You mind your own business, sir." And I said, "Ma'am, I have work to do, and you're keeping me from doing that by arguing about eighty-cents. The clerks don't set the price - the government does."

She takes her things and leaves, I walk up to the counter, and the clerk goes, "Thank you for saying what I wanted to say but couldn't."

Ugh. Is it any wonder I hate so many people??? Man!

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