Thanksgiving Preparations

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What an exciting day today was. Exciting in the "Ain't that just great" way, not the "Wow!" way. Let's see, where to begin?

For a few weeks, I'd noticed that there was a rusty liquid congregating near the left front tire of the Tahoe. Normally, this pool of rusty water would have been cause for significant alarm, but I have this parking "aid" that sits in that very pool of water, so I figured the rust was a result of the parking thingy getting wet from the Tahoe (it's been raining a lot lately).

About 2 weeks ago, the Tahoe started telling me it was "Low on Washer Fluid." And when I realized that I couldn't remember the last time I had filled it with washer fluid, I didn't think twice as I filled the reservoir with fresh washer fluid earlier on Monday. This morning, I went to start the Tahoe, and it said, "Low on Washer Fluid." Odd - I didn't remember using the washer fluid that much yesterday...

The battery cable...

So I crawled under the Tahoe, half expecting to discover that a mouse had chewed through a washer fluid line, when it hit me. Rust, low washer fluid, etched concrete...

The culprit: My battery ate itself.

Apparently the side post corroded and broke away, allowing battery acid to flow freely from the battery. Most amazingly, the truck never failed to start -- ever, despite the fact that the cable was only barely touching what was left of the battery. We drove to Joplin, MO last night with absolutely no troubles (save for a niggling Washer Fluid Error light). 2+2 = aahh, I get it!

Once the acid disassociated itself from the battery, it was free to roam wherever it wanted to, and apparently, it enjoyed attacking the washer fluid pumps, which were little match for the acid and quickly surrendered their seals. This allowed the washer fluid to escape the reservoir, and in turn, carried watery battery acid all over the inside fender well and floor of my garage.

The washer pump motors were of no match for the battery acid.

So, I pulled the reservoir out, pulled the battery and battery tray, cleaned all of the acid with baking soda and a brush, then ordered new parts. The pump motors should be here on Friday, and the new battery was on sale, so things weren't all bad.

The battery tray was also of little challenge to the acid. I had to sand and paint it to fix the rust problem.

So, all in all, things could have been worse. I'm baking a sweet potato pie right now, here's a little sneak peek (no snitching!):


I'm cheating a bit and making the pie and stuffing tonight. That way, I'll only have to brine and roast the turkey tomorrow, make the potatoes, gravy and dipping sauce, and bake the biscuits. Should be an easy Thanksgiving. :-)

Happy Thanksgiving to all! Best wishes from Arkeeensaurrr.

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