The new tires are here! The new tires are here! The..

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For those not in the know, my Tahoe desperately needed new tires. Well, it's actually a longer story than that (see the extended entry for more info)... Anyway, I ordered new tires from The Tire Rack on Friday, and they arrived at 10:00am this morning - that's impressive!


Of course, Regis took this opportunity to sit outside in the garage (he loves the garage), so I obliged him on the condition that he allow me to snap a few pictures of him. He didn't seem to mind...

Now, about that tire saga.

Our Tahoe came with Firestone Wilderness LT tires, and I can say, that without any doubt, they were the worst tires I've ever driven on. They were squirmy and unstable at highway speed, they locked-up easily under heavy braking, they rode poorly, were noisy and were extremely susceptible to punctures. In the first 16,000 miles, we replaced 3 of the Firestones (always with a new Firestone).

Out of sheer frustration, at 17,000 miles I switched to Michelin Cross Terrain SUV tires and loved them. They were everything the Firestone's weren't, and then some. But, they were expensive ($148 per tire). And, they didn't last long. I got almost 40,000 miles out of them before the tread hit 2/32"... and that was with regular (every 5k) rotation, proper inflation and alignment. (The Tahoe currently has 55,000 miles on it)

Not wanting to spend another $600 on tires that would last for 40k miles, I decided to try the Yokohama Geolander HT/S. They got great reviews and if they're anything like the Yoko's I've had in the past, they should be a decent tire.

The best part of the deal is that they only cost $91 per tire ($105 each with shipping calculated in)... I'm so happy! I can't wait to get them mounted, balanced and installed. The Tire Rack wants me to send the Michelin's back in for a refund on the remainder of the tread-life warranty (they're supposed to be good for 65k miles)... we'll see if it's worth shipping the tires to them.

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