What a weekend.

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My parents came to visit this weekend, and I really had a great time with them. It was good to see them, and we cooked a nice dinner on Saturday (fillets, grilled asparagus, mushrooms (my own recipe), garlic/buttermilk mashed potatoes and cheesecake with raspberry glaze). We went to Eureka Springs, the mall, and had a good time.

The low point of the weekend was that one of our foster dogs died on Saturday while at our house...(story continues by clicking the link below)

I'm in California now, staying at the Hyatt on Sunset Boulevard. I just got back from the Saddle Ranch, where I had a burger and fries.

Zeus ("Jake") death details:

I received a call late Friday night asking if we would consider fostering a dog for a few weeks. Apparently the dog was an owner surrender and he was at the local vet, resting after his neuter and "check-up." We agreed to it, and were scheduled to pick him up on Saturday morning.

When I picked him up from Heritage Animal Hospital in Bentonville, AR on Saturday morning at around 10:00am, I thought that he seemed weird. His back was arched, and he wouldn't jump into our Tahoe. When he finally jumped in, he yelped and cried. I went back inside to tell them that I thought something was wrong, and they told me not to worry about it - that he was probably sore from his neuter. I asked if they had fed him anything, and no one knew for sure. (Nice record keeping ya' got there, Heritage)

I brought him home, where he met our dogs, and everyone seemed to get along fine. I was still worried about the foster - he seemed very uncomfortable - but we decided to go out to eat for breakfast. When we returned home at 11:50am, there were several piles of vomit around the house - clear bile. I found Jake ("Zeus") panting, on the floor.

I immediately knew he was bloating. His stomach was the size of 2 basketballs and he was panting and foaming slightly from his mouth. I swore and then called Heritage, who told me that they were closing in 10 minutes and couldn't take care of him. They referred me to the emergency vet clinic in Fayetteville (some 45 minutes away).

I raced down to Fayetteville, but Jack didn't make it. He was pretty much dead when I got there. The entire way down, I tried to call the foster coordinator, Mary, but she wasn't answering her phone. I called Amy, who contacted Mary at home. Mary said that he'd have to be euthanized because we couldn't afford the surgery. Had he not been 99% dead, I would have paid for the surgery and kept him, but there was no shot he would have survived. I was absolutely crushed.

I drove him to the Rogers Humane Society and when I tried to get him out of the car, he was dead. I feel so terrible - I couldn't do anything to help him. His poor stomach was bloated and twisted, and he essentially suffocated to death (or died of heart failure from his arteries being pinched by the twisting of his stomach). I'm so mad about this. I cried the whole way home - it's so pitiful that he had to die like that. Some stupid fricken' owner in Oklahoma who abused and neglected him (he was horribly underweight) surrendered him to a shelter who in turn gave him to our rescue, who in turn shoved him off to an incompetent vet who probably fed him too much, thus causing his bloat... it's absolutely unnecessary.

I could scream, even now, just thinking about it. I'm so angry... Danes are so wonderful, and to see a big, happy, 130-lb dog die like that is absolutely heartbreaking. Even more maddening is the fact that the vet, who probably caused his death, wouldn't even let me bring him to them. I mean, if he had to die, they could have euthanized him 1+ hours before he really died. At least he wouldn't have suffered for so long. GOD I'M SO MAD.


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