Catching up on old times

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Spent the day in Lake Mills, visiting friends from "the good 'ole days." Amy was sick (she caught my cold), so she stayed home and hung out with her sister and mom. I went to my friend Chris' house to fix his computer (Windows XP Home machine with 54 instances of viruses, spyware, adware, and so on). He just finished building his new garage, and it's pretty nice:

His Ducati Chromo - it's a pretty cool bike...

(Story continues, click on link below to read the rest of it)

Ducati 999s sits in the background.

From there, I went over to Dan and Tara's house, where we met with our other friend Dan and his wife, Joanna, and Chris and his wife Tracy, and their friend Craig. We sat around, eating pizza, talking, and sharing a few beers.

Dan is in the middle of an animated story (all of his stories are great).

Pizza arrived... yummy - Anna Maria's Pizza

Lou the bunny thinks the pizza might taste good...

We're all getting so old... everyone has kids...

Speaking of which... they like to watch movies (Finding Nemo was on all night).

Dan and Tara chit-chatting with us.

Desert is served!

It was a fun evening - it's always great to catch up with long-time friends, and if there's pizza involved, it's all the better. Tonight, we're going out to dinner with Chris (computer problem Chris) and his wife, Carolyn. Should be fun... then tomorrow, it's off to Wisconsin Dells with my family.

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