Christmas in Wisconsin

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Well, we made it to Wisconsin without any problems. Other than the cold weather (it was 8F the entire way to WI), we had a great drive, no traffic, made good time, and arrived in Wisconsin at around 2:30pm on Thursday afternoon.

Here's the Tahoe, fresh from its 700-mile trek from Arkansas... it's waiting to be unloaded.

We introduced our dogs to Amy's sister's (Kelly) dogs: Jack and Charley, and to her Mom's dogs: Max and Murphy. We have seven dogs at the house, and it's rather interesting... Murphy doesn't seem to like other dogs, so there's a scuffle every so often... :-(

The dogs all met each other in the backyard.

Jack is such a good boy.

Charley is a character...

The story continues - click on the link below.

The next morning (Friday), we went to my parents house for Christmas with my immediate family.

The tree stands waiting for the Christmas onslaught.

The lake is frozen over - snowmobiles kept going past at about 80mph.

Friday night, we returned back to Amy's parent's house for Christmas there. We had a nice dinner:

Ham, cheesy potatoes, chicken dish, and (ick) "tiger meat."

We opened gifts around 8:00pm.

Another unsuspecting tree...

Lindsey and Brianna played Santa Claus for us:

Santa's little helpers.

And then, today (Saturday), we went back to my parent's house for Christmas with my Mom's side of the family.

We had turkey for dinner.

The family gathers 'round the table for Christmas dinner.

Merry Christmas to everyone, and thank you for all of the wonderful gifts - everything was completely unnecessary, but entirely appreciated. Love to all! -Steve and Amy


I think it was a wonderful Christmas too. And thanks to both of you for all the good stuff...but your "presence" here is the best Christmas gift of all. Glad that we'll still have some time to spend with you.

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