Good-Bye, Mr. Montezuma

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Wow. Sorry I was off-line for so long, but I really got my butt-kicked by a nasty, nasty bug of some sort. It started off with a sore throat, fever (around 101) and some really fun body aches. From there, things went south (literally), and I became very intimate with Charlie's bathrooms (thankfully, he has four, so I was never very far from one).

From Wednesday night through this morning, I was not a happy camper, nor was the Washington DC sewer plant, I'm sure. I think the only happy folks are the people at Kaopectate - I was downing the stuff like it was water... Anyway, things seem better today. Fever is gone, chills are gone, everything else is "normal." All that remains is a funny sounding voice and a bit of medicine-head. No pictures, as all I did was writhe around in bed and on the couch...


That's no good Steve. Glad you're feeling better and hope you'll be all good to go for the Holidays. Too bad nurse Regis couldn't take care of you while you were sick though.

LOL! Yeah, I just got word from the home-front that nurse Regis is still enjoying the kittens. They're feeling a lot better, and are now actually pretty mischievous...

Sorry to hear that you were sick. As I'm writing this your sister is suffering from the same bug you had...from both ends. Hopefully hers will come and go as fast as yours did. Anxious to have everyone healthy at Christmas...even the kitties. Mom

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