Is Christmas over yet?

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I hate to be a Grinch, but Christmas just isn't doin' it for me anymore. The crowds, the stores, the sales, the advertisements, the commercials, the cold weather, the mess to clean-up when it's all over, and so on - it's all so aggravating.

The good news is I got all of my Christmas shopping almost done... we only have to get Amy's Dad his gift, but we already know what we're going to get him, so it's just a matter of going to the store (ugh!), fighting the people (double ugh!), and getting through the checkout line (arrhrhrhrgghgh!). At least we get a few days off and will have a chance to relax back at home - that'll be nice.

I'm heading back to Arkansas tomorrow. Friday = get the new tires mounted, get a hair cut, catch up on all of the stuff I've missed over the past 10 days, and possibly go see a movie... maybe Oceans 12?


Yes, shopping can be very tiring!!! Just got home from Kohl's five minutes ago. Planning to go to Madison tomorrow (Thursday) and hopefully finish up. And it's over so fast!!!!! :(
Looking forward to having you both home. Love,Mom

I vote for cancelling Christmas!!!
PS Your gift is stuck in a moving truck in Chicago anyways!
We already had one "dog casualty" this week, should be interesting to see what kind of damage seven dogs can produce. Looking forward to a "relaxing" week with you guys....

Whaaaaaat?! My gift better not be stuck in Chicago... Because if it is, your gift might just wind up stuck in Big Boy's toilet... :-)

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