It's the little things...

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No pictures today... too tired, too frazzled, too worn out. Things have been insanely busy lately, as is the norm for this time of the year. Why do car manufacturers have to schedule all of their new releases, industry events and major car shows at Christmas time?? It makes absolutely no sense to me... why don't the schedule this stuff in April, or May?

Leaving for DC on Saturday, and will return home on the 16th. Then we're home for a few days before leaving for our 700-mile journey to the great state of Wisconsin. It'll be great to get out of this hole for a while. :-)

So, speaking of the little things, I had a hankerin' for some macaroni and cheese today. Amy had bought some Tostitos last night, so I decided to use the Tostitos to "scoop" the macaroni and cheese, essentially making a mini, edible plate for those imitation-cheese-flavored-highly-processed-starchy-noodles. Wow. I forgot how good that tasted (used to do it when I was younger). So I sat there, at my desk, eating my macaroni-n-tostito combo, and for about 5 minutes forgot about all of the busy stuff that's overdue. I ignored the phone and e-mail for a few minutes and enjoyed that simple concoction. Ahhh....


Tis the season to be busy! Tomorrow Grandma L. and I are making :) In the afternoon I play bridge with some neighbors. Still decorating the house. Unfortunately I'm getting a little carried. Dad just left to get a Culver's flavor-of-the-day.
P.S. Like your Wisconsin comment. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

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