The Kitt-ons are BIG!!

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I returned home from Washington DC on Thursday, and was surprised at how big the kittens have become... and might I add, naughty? They're little stinkers - they play with *everything,* chase *everything,* and are intrigued by *everything.* I love 'em - they're so adorable.

Amy has named them "Beetle" and "Bugs." Beetle has the two grey dots on his head, while Bugs is all white.

Bugs is up to something...

Beetle loves the camera (and notice Bugs' hand in background trying to grab Beetle's tail...)

Beetle peers around the corner, looking for Bugs (he was actually above him at the time...)


Yes, they're really filling out. We had our "Parade of Homes" last night. We took the Grandmas to see Amy's Christmas decorations, then drove to Madison, had dinner at Perkins with Johnny and Macarey and Amy and Judy, then headed to see their houses decorated. Wait till you see Johnny's "kittens". Macarey is ready to take one of them to the vet because her belly almost drags on the floor! Mom

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