Travel day leads to battle of the BBQ

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Once again, I found myself at the Memphis airport, with a few hours to kill, so I decided to listen to my (ever growing) stomach and order up some BBQ. My favorite place, Jim's Interstate BBQ was jam-packed, and the carry-out line was at least 50 yards long. So, I decided to try out Corky's BBQ, which also happened to be located directly across from my connecting gate.

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After a short 10 minute wait, I got a table. And, that's where the good experience ended. Don't get me wrong, the BBQ was great, but the bread, the service, the drinks and the service (yes, it was that bad) was horrible. I've never had such a hard time getting an order placed, getting the right order, and then trying to pay... I almost missed my flight it was so bad.

First, the good stuff:


The BBQ pork was fantastic. It had a great smoked flavor, and the sauce was wonderful. The bread, however, was stale, the tapper for the beer needed to be cleaned, and despite three tries, I couldn't get a diet Coke - apparently they really wanted me to drink regular Coke. Ugh.

The waitress was, well, hmm... how can I put this delicately... the dumbest person who's still managing to function (barely) on their own (and by function I mean being able to breathe and walk at the same time) that I've ever met. She wrote down my order, walked to the computer, entered it, then brought me a Coke. I asked for a Diet Coke, and for the Sam Adams that I had ordered. She came back with another regular Coke, and no Sam Adams. So, I asked again, and this time she brought the Sam Adams, but forgot the Coke.

Then my food came out, and it was a rack of ribs with cole slaw and beans. I told her I ordered a sandwich with chips. She puts it down and walks away, and I still don't have my Diet Coke. I flag her down, explain the problem, and then she goes, "Well what you want me to do about it?" Uh... boy, that's a good question - how about you bring me what I ordered?

Then the manager-type came over to see what the problem was, and I said, "Well, we're on attempt number three to get me a Diet Coke and the correct lunch order." She goes and gets me the sandwich (no chips) and tells the waitress to get me a Diet Coke. They took away the ribs and handed them to a guy sitting one table over... Bet he enjoyed that.

Anyway... I finally got to eat, and pay the bill (I left $0.25 for a tip, which I *never* would do, but this was insane).

Flight to DC went great - got upgraded to First Class, and had a row all to myself. Here's a picture of the Pentagon, as seen from the plane as we were on our landing approach. It's not the greatest, but it was the best I could do.


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