All Done in Detroit

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Today was the third and final day of the press days for the Detroit Auto Show, and it was probably the most enjoyable day. There were a lot less people there, so it was easier to get photos and to talk with the manufacturers. There also weren't any "important" press conferences, so we didn't have to sprint from conference to conference, while fighting thousands of people for a good spot to stand.

For lunch, we ate at the BMW booth. I enjoyed: applewood-smoked honey-maple-glazed turkey breast, blackened tenderloin, julienned winter vegetables in a carmelized reduction, wild mushrooms with black truffle, a diet coke and an espresso (I was really tired today).

Lunch is served!

Then after that, we headed over to Range Rover for dessert, as the rumor 'round the show was that Range Rover had the best lounge and the best food... so we couldn't pass that up. The lounge was located behind a waterfall that you could see through, so you sat in the lounge and looked out at the cars, through this wall of water. The photos don't really capture the water, but:

Looking out of the lounge at the 2006 Range Rover.

Looking in to the lounge from the Range Rover booth.

We chatted with a few of the Range Rover higher-ups while enjoying some lovely: bread pudding, chocolate mousse-filled eau claire "fingers," apple tarts, raspberry "well breads," and strawberry shortcakes.

We're headed back home tomorrow, so until then, here are a few final car shots to enjoy:

The new Dodge Viper

The Aston Martin DB9 Race Car - this thing was so sweet

Ferrari knows how to do brakes - those are from the F430... massive.

And speaking of Ferrari: The Superamerica

All new Cadillac STS-V: 440hp, 0-60 in under 5 seconds...

BMW M5 in blue, for Greg

View of the show from the Audi booth at around 4:30pm today.


It seems you are a bit obsessed with food on this site. No mushroom risotto with truffles here, but I just wanted to rub it in that I will be eating Fish Fry Friday night. HA HA (Maybe I'll send you a pic of the white board in my office breakroom. It has listings and ratings of Fish Fry's around here.) Thought you'd like that......

whaaaaat?! Fish Fry.... so good....

Got any malt vinegar for that fish?

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