All I Wanted Was Some Speaker Wire...

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So the rest of the home theater system arrived yesterday: receiver, speakers, and cables. But I needed some speaker wire... no biggie, I'll just run to Radio Shack and buy some 16 gauge speaker wire. Hop in the car, run down to Radio Shack and check out the store. No speaker wire. None. I ask the guy behind the counter if they have any 16 gauge speaker wire, and he points me to a rack that has 4 packages of speaker wire, 12-feet in length, with some funky connector on the end. No dice...

So, I hoof it over to Lowes and find that they have tons of speaker wire. Jackpot! Only problem is, all of the wire is on 250-foot spools, and I don't really need 250 feet... maybe 100 feet at the most. So, I walk around looking for someone to cut me some wire. Hmm... everyone must be busy.

I spy a little button that says, "Press For Assistance with Bulk Wire." So I press it, and an automated voice comes over the speakers and says, "Customer needs assistance in the wire cutting aisle." A few minutes go by... no help. Long story short, I pressed the button at least 10 times - no help.

Realizing that I'm wasting time, I decide to buy the whole roll... it's just $42.50. I get in line for check out, and realize I've selected a line that's being run by a trainee, and not just any trainee - an "Operations Manager Trainee." Great. The guy is fumbling with everything - he couldn't figure out how to run a gift card, then he couldn't ring up a saw blade, and then he had problems with a package of batteries.

My turn. He scans the spool, and it comes up as $57.50. I questioned him, and he starts fumbling through a book, looking for a phone number to call. He calls the wiring department, and surprise, there's no answer. I told him about my long wait for assistance. So, he calls another number and the guy tells him that the cut price for wire is $0.23 per foot, so for 250 feet it would be $57.50. I explain that this wasn't cut - it's an entire spool, and the tag says it's $42. We go back and forth for about a minute, and he sends me back to the wire area. UGH!

Instead, I walk over to customer assistance and get a "plain 'ole cashier." She rings it up, clicks the thing that says "spool" and viola - $42. I told her about my experience in check out lane #11, and she says, "Oh, that's the manager trainee, isn't it?" I said, "Yep." She just rolled her eyes and said, "Sorry about that... the manager tag should say it all." I said, "It sure does... I'll bet he's got himself a couple of fancy business degrees and maybe even a MBA?" She laughs, and goes, "You know he does."

So, 1 hour and 30 minutes after my initial trek to get some speaker wire, I left Lowes, $42 poorer, but at least I had my speaker wire. Amy and I watched Spiderman 2 last night (fantastic in surround sound), and then she went to bed while I watched Gladiator. Surround Sound rules.

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