Detroit Day 2

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Oh...My...Gawd... I think my feet are going to fall off. We were on the show floor for a solid 12 hours, taking only a 20 minute break to eat lunch. We ate at the Audi booth today, so I enjoyed a wonderful beef tenderloin, a lovely potato dish, a mushroom risotto, and one heckuva slice of cheesecake. No photos - my compact flash cards were full, and I ran back to the hotel to offload them immediately after lunch.

Shot about 1300 pictures today... been sorting through them since about 8:00pm when we got in from the show. Whew. Had pizza tonight at a place called Pizza Papalias. It was really good.


2006 Corvette Z06 introduction. 0-60 in sub 4.0 seconds, 1/4-mile in 11.5 seconds, tops speed 187mph, cost: $65,000. Adios, BMW M5.

We were leaving the Mercedes-Benz booth when we spotted Paulie Sr. from Orange County Choppers (American Choppers on Discovery Channel).

Paulie Jr. wasn't far behind... a massive crowd soon gathered.

It's (L-R): Mikey, Paulie Jr., Paulie Sr., on a bike that they built for Lincoln to help with the launch of the Lincoln Mark LT truck. They posed for about 30 seconds, then ran out of the place, surrounded by bodyguards. No autographs, no talking, nothing - just in, pose, out!

And last but not least, a teaser for Greg. More to follow in a few days.


OK, Paul Jr has his hand on his dad. Mikey has his hand on Paul Jr.

who has his hand on Mikey? Cousin It?

Actually Mikey didn't have his hand on Paulie Jr - both of those hands belong to one of the union construction guys from the show - the guys who build the display booths... he was getting yelled at to get out of the picture, which is why Paul Sr. was looking up toward him.

After about 5-6 shouts at the guy (he was rambling on, "I love you guys! You're the best! Your show is so cool! I love you guys!"), one of the body guards pulled him out of the way. Then the guy with the bandana on in back started swooning over them, but before he got too far into it, they all took off - made a b-line for the door with their entourage...

The reason there's open space in front of them is because the body guards formed a half-circle around them in front to block people from rushing them. You can see one of the guys to the right sorta' blocking everyone in his area.

You'd think they were The Beatles or something like that...

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