Detroit, Detroit

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We're at the Detroit Auto Show - the largest international auto show in existence. Some 15,000 journalists from every corner of the globe attend this 3-day press preview, complete with freebie gifts, food, entertainment and more.

Today was the first day of the show - we hit about 10 press conferences and took more than 700 photos. It was a busy day, to say the least. Here are some of the highlights:

Detroit's bomb detecting police dogs had to sniff everyone and their bags before you could enter the show.

Here are a few of the people gathering 2 hours before the Chrysler Group was scheduled to host a press conference.

Ford had their awesome Shelby GR-1 concept car at their first press conference (conference #2 is tomorrow at 7:00am). The lighting was blue, which is why the photo looks weird.

We had a quick lunch at Porsche's booth. I wanted to eat at Audi's booth, where they had rack of lamb, prime rib, sword fish, all prepared by world famous chefs, but Charlie "just wanted a sandwich."

I guess when you're the lead designer at Ferrari, you can lean on a $250k car and not get yelled at...

The Jeep Hurricane features two Hemi engines (one front, one rear), and was by far the most radical looking concept of the day.

We just got back from a big Chrysler Group dinner party, held at the Detroit Firehouse restaurant. It's an old converted firehouse... they had a free open bar and open menu for more than 2500 journalists. I can't even imagine what that tab had to ring up to... Anyway, it's off to bed now - we've got an early (and long) day tomorrow.


Wow, me= the jealous!! Make sure to get pics of the new M5. Did I mention that I am so jealous?!?! (You should have eaten at Audi BTW)

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