My Life Is So Glamorous...

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Stuck in Detroit, in the worst terminal of the entire airport ("the dungeon"). There's a big common seating area, and then the gates are nothing but a door in a long, narrow hallway. You can't sit near your gate because: (a) there are no seats, (b) there are no display screens showing departure/arrival info, (c) temperature control doesn't appear to be working, (d) the floor is wet, (e) the people working the gates appear to be on some sort of work release program.

So, yeah... I've got such a great job... :-) I get to sit in this dump until who knows when. Heavy fog has cancelled every single inbound and 90% of the outbound flights. Visibility is 1/16th of a mile with a 100-foot ceiling, so we're pretty much gonna be stuck here indefinitely.

"The Pit" where everyone is waiting... notice the line in back? That's the line for the customer service counter where you have to go to get rescheduled.

There's another "wing" of terminals out there...somewhere...

I decided to leave the pit/dungeon and find a place to sit upstairs in concourse "B." Thankfully they have a (weak) wireless signal, so things aren't too bad. We'll see if my now-rescheduled 7:25pm flight is a go. And thanks to the airlines refusal to tell you anything useful until the very last possible second, I'll be waiting in limbo until at least 7:25. Yay!


You fly Northwest, right? Don't they have a Presidents Club in Detroit? See if they'll let you in. If you're flying first, then you should be able to get in I think.

That was yesterday. Hopefully you're resting confortably now at home with Amy and the animals.

Greg - yeah, they have a "World Traveler's Club" (or something like that), but it costs $400 to join each year. A day pass is $50. And if you want to use miles to join, it's like 150k miles or something like that... I only have 60k miles. :-(

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