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Did you say 47?

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Yes I did. 47 "Critical Security Patches" needed to be installed on my fresh copy of Windows 2000, not including the 60MB Service Pack 4 that includes countless security patches and fixes.

Oh, Windows... you're so wonderful. (not)


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We've been doing really good with our diets, so we've been allowing ourselves a cheat meal each week (Amy doesn't seem to count a DQ Blizzard as a "meal," though...), and last week, we visited a great pizza place in Joplin, MO called "Pizza By Stout." Their pizza was unbelievable, and much to our surprise, we discovered that they had a Sunday buffet that ran from 11-2.

So, this morning, we drove up to Joplin for our cheat meal, and all I can say is, "WOW." There was so much food there - in addition to making great pizza, they also bake all of their own deserts, including cinnamon rolls, pies, cakes, and so on.

I had: 3 pieces of pizza (1 thin, 2 regular), catfish fingers, sweet potato french fries, baked macaroni and cheese (the best I've ever had), cheese-fried broccoli, tater tots, toasted ravioli, and a slice of german chocolate cake. While it sounds like a lot of food (well, ok, it was), I ate just 2 catfish fingers, 3-4 tater tots, 1 of the broccoli things, and so on - 2 plates worth of food, total.

We drove home in a zombified-state of carb-loaded hypnosis... But, alas, the nice weather (we hit 76F today) beckoned me to wash and detail the Tahoe... so, at least I got some extra exercise. :-)

At the laundromat again...

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Don't ask...

But there's two crazy guys sitting on the couch across from the desk where I'm working from, and they're arguing about the proper way to pronounce "Jesus." The one guy claims he's Jewish (he looks like "Kevin" from David Spade's "Just Shoot Me" show, but he's shorter), and is swearing that Jesus is pronounced "Heh-zzz-ooose." The other guy is a redneck, eating pistachios and spitting out the shells, and he's ready to fight this guy because "er-bahdee know it's per-nowwwnced GEEEEEZ-us."

Luckily I'm sitting near the door, so if they come to fisticuffs, I've got a quick exit.

Edit (11:05 PM CST) -

It just keeps getting better... the crazy guys are gone (they weren't even doing laundry, just hanging out at the laundromat). But now, the guy who runs the street sweeper is here, and he's standing next to me telling me all about how sick he is with the flu and how he shouldn't be working but his boss made him work tonight. Great... keep breathing on me, sick-o, I can't wait to catch whatever it is you've got. Although, I don't know if it's really the flu - he smells an awful lot like Wild Turkey and Coors Light, so it could be the "liquid flu" (if you catch my drift). Oh, and his green "Wild Bill" T-shirt has an interesting arrangement of stains and tears - he's a real catch, ladies.

Why -- WHY -- WHY do I attract so many weird people?? WHY?!!! I try my best to scowl at anyone I don't know - it's sort of a "You don't even want to try to talk to me" look, but I guess it doesn't work. ARGHGHGHHHGHGHGGH!!!! I'm not listening to him, I'm not looking up at him, I'm just typing (about him), and he won't shut-up. Now he's talking about light bulbs and how he switched to all fluorescent and it has saved him over $50 per month in electricity alone. Maybe I should ask him for some of that Wild Turkey -- it might make the pain of having to listen to him go away....

Oh boy - tax refund time

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I'd like to formally wish a long, slow, painful, horrifying, dreadful, torture-filled death to the IRS and H & R Block. Man...

I went to do my taxes today, and after paying H&R Block $355 to process my taxes, we're getting a refund of..... $500. Net tax "refund" = $145 for state/federal.

Word to the wise: don't get bumped into a new tax bracket unless you've doubled your income. You get KILLED by taxes. Claim 0 and 0? Income went up by less than $5k from last year? Still itemizing your deductions? Working from home, writing off as much stuff as you can? Too bad, if you hit the next bracket, you still get shafted by 'ole Uncle Sam. And for each thing you write off, 'ole H & R has a fee for a special form they have to file. Fricken' scammers...

I'm moving to Zimbabwe, right after I celebrate this big windfall by purchasing half-a-tank-of-gas for the Tahoe and maybe a week's worth of groceries...

Entertain Me.

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We ordered an entertainment center last week, and it arrived on Saturday. We spent the better part of Saturday evening setting it up (I had to do a home visit for the rescue in Siloam Springs earlier in the day).

We finished it up this morning after a drive to Fayetteville's Best Buy for some new (read: longer) cables for the stereo equipment... $140 worth of cables later (component video cables are expensive!), we finished off the set-up.


The room is still a bit messy in the photo, but you get the idea. The unit is 2" Canadian Light Maple with adjustable shelves that slide in and out of the unit for easy access to audio equipment. There are optional frosted glass doors for the lower halves... we're not sure if we'll order them or not.

We tried to hide all of the wiring as best as possible (notice you don't see any wires for the center speaker (above the TV)... the power supply wires (lower right) were a bit hard to hide, as that's a 1500-watt power supply unit, and the cables are thick.


Here you can see the wood grain a little better, and you can check out our DVD collection. Big Boy was looking in, trying to pick out a movie for himself (he ultimately chose "The Big Lebowski").

We just got back from Joplin - had to do another home visit there. We're a little tired... :-)

Come'n get me, Coppers!! Mwuahahaa!

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Last week, I received via UPS a cool new toy for the Tahoe - a Lidatek LE-30 Laser Jammer system. I was contacted by Lidatek to do a story about their product for Roadfly Magazine, so they sent me a unit to install and to play around with. It's always great getting free stuff (rarely happens), let alone COOL free stuff!

So, I installed the unit today. Didn't go too bad...

(Continued - click on the link just below this to read the rest (and for pictures))

I hate white shoes.

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Those who know me know that I enjoy a good running/tennis shoe. My current favorites are the Adidas Clima-Cool. They're so light, airy, and comfy. I love them.

Well, Amy and I have been going to the gym (every day so far, save for Sundays), as part of our vow to drop a few pounds and to get into better shape. We were down in Fayetteville yesterday (we bought a new entertainment center for the living room - should be here on Saturday), when we noticed this little shoe store. Realizing we both needed new shoes for jogging at the gym, we stopped in.

It was really interesting because they had a treadmill set-up with a camera behind it, and they'd film you as you walked and jogged. Then they'd play it back in super slow-mo, so you could see how your feet hit the ground as you walked. From there, they could recommend a shoe that might help correct any problems. I was intrigued.

(continued - click on the link below to read the rest and see a picture of the new shoes)

Everyone's tired...

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I guess everyone's tired today.