Come'n get me, Coppers!! Mwuahahaa!

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Last week, I received via UPS a cool new toy for the Tahoe - a Lidatek LE-30 Laser Jammer system. I was contacted by Lidatek to do a story about their product for Roadfly Magazine, so they sent me a unit to install and to play around with. It's always great getting free stuff (rarely happens), let alone COOL free stuff!

So, I installed the unit today. Didn't go too bad...

(Continued - click on the link just below this to read the rest (and for pictures))

That's the entire kit... lot's of wires... :-)

Had to take the grille off to figure out how to install my mounting brackets.

All done. Nice circle, eh?

The unit works by detecting a police laser signal and then, within 90-billionths of a second, it sends out a blast of interference. Instead of getting a reading on your vehicle's speed, the laser gun displays an error message. The error is the exact same error that the officer would get if he pointed the gun incorrectly at your vehicle (laser is pretty picky about how it's aimed).

The Lidatek unit continues to jam the signal for 5 seconds, while sounding an alarm and flashing a light (inside the vehicle). After 5 seconds, it resets for 1 minute, and is then set to go again. They did this so that you don't blatantly speed past cops... it's meant to "save you" and then encourage you to slow down.

I decided that rather than install a LED in my dash, I'd hook-up the light-signal to my emergency brake light on the dash. That way, when there's a laser alert, my emergency-brake light will flash, while the alarm sounds. Makes for a cleaner install...

No idea as to how well it works - we drove to Rogers tonight, but the police there don't use laser. But the State Patrol does, so we'll see how it works. Thankfully the FDA regulates all laser devices, so laser jammers are 100% legal to use (unlike radar jammers, which are illegal). A few years ago, I got nabbed by a laser gun for going 9 mph over the speed limit... this thing may be my equalizer. :-)

I'll have the full story published in the next issue of Roadfly magazine. And don't worry Mom, I won't purposely speed because of it. ;-)


You read my mind. How else are you going to find out if it works????? Please drive safely!!! Mom

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