Entertain Me.

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We ordered an entertainment center last week, and it arrived on Saturday. We spent the better part of Saturday evening setting it up (I had to do a home visit for the rescue in Siloam Springs earlier in the day).

We finished it up this morning after a drive to Fayetteville's Best Buy for some new (read: longer) cables for the stereo equipment... $140 worth of cables later (component video cables are expensive!), we finished off the set-up.


The room is still a bit messy in the photo, but you get the idea. The unit is 2" Canadian Light Maple with adjustable shelves that slide in and out of the unit for easy access to audio equipment. There are optional frosted glass doors for the lower halves... we're not sure if we'll order them or not.

We tried to hide all of the wiring as best as possible (notice you don't see any wires for the center speaker (above the TV)... the power supply wires (lower right) were a bit hard to hide, as that's a 1500-watt power supply unit, and the cables are thick.


Here you can see the wood grain a little better, and you can check out our DVD collection. Big Boy was looking in, trying to pick out a movie for himself (he ultimately chose "The Big Lebowski").

We just got back from Joplin - had to do another home visit there. We're a little tired... :-)


Looks nice Steve. Did you move the davenport back across the room in front of the stairs?? Mom

It's across the window in the back of the room. The two individual chairs (recliner and the checkered chair) are on the half wall near the stairs.

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