I hate white shoes.

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Those who know me know that I enjoy a good running/tennis shoe. My current favorites are the Adidas Clima-Cool. They're so light, airy, and comfy. I love them.

Well, Amy and I have been going to the gym (every day so far, save for Sundays), as part of our vow to drop a few pounds and to get into better shape. We were down in Fayetteville yesterday (we bought a new entertainment center for the living room - should be here on Saturday), when we noticed this little shoe store. Realizing we both needed new shoes for jogging at the gym, we stopped in.

It was really interesting because they had a treadmill set-up with a camera behind it, and they'd film you as you walked and jogged. Then they'd play it back in super slow-mo, so you could see how your feet hit the ground as you walked. From there, they could recommend a shoe that might help correct any problems. I was intrigued.

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So, I had my feet filmed. I'm a "heel striker" - meaning that when I run, my heels hit first, then rock forward so that my toes can push off. (Hard on the joints, but very normal, they said) And, I walk/run with a splay - my toes point outward. (Have to concentrate on getting them to point forward; retrain your quadriceps) Finally, I roll my feet inward as I walk/run, meaning that my inside ankles "flex" inward. So, I needed a shoe with more "(I forgot the word) stability."

They measured my feet, told me I'm wearing shoes that are too small, and then brought out 4-5 different pair to try out. I tried on some of the ugliest shoes I've ever seen... all of them: white. Ugh. I hate white shoes. But, ultimately, I found a pair of Asics that felt great, fit great, and when I did another trial run on the treadmill, felt 100% different - for the better. I can't wait to go to the gym tonight (even though I'm also sick... ugh). If only they weren't so darn white...



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