Oh boy - tax refund time

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I'd like to formally wish a long, slow, painful, horrifying, dreadful, torture-filled death to the IRS and H & R Block. Man...

I went to do my taxes today, and after paying H&R Block $355 to process my taxes, we're getting a refund of..... $500. Net tax "refund" = $145 for state/federal.

Word to the wise: don't get bumped into a new tax bracket unless you've doubled your income. You get KILLED by taxes. Claim 0 and 0? Income went up by less than $5k from last year? Still itemizing your deductions? Working from home, writing off as much stuff as you can? Too bad, if you hit the next bracket, you still get shafted by 'ole Uncle Sam. And for each thing you write off, 'ole H & R has a fee for a special form they have to file. Fricken' scammers...

I'm moving to Zimbabwe, right after I celebrate this big windfall by purchasing half-a-tank-of-gas for the Tahoe and maybe a week's worth of groceries...


I think it's cheaper to go to a CPA. You can do that next year WHEN YOU'RE BACK IN WISCONSIN????

I agree with Mommie B.!! Note the time this was posted....can't sleep.

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