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We've been doing really good with our diets, so we've been allowing ourselves a cheat meal each week (Amy doesn't seem to count a DQ Blizzard as a "meal," though...), and last week, we visited a great pizza place in Joplin, MO called "Pizza By Stout." Their pizza was unbelievable, and much to our surprise, we discovered that they had a Sunday buffet that ran from 11-2.

So, this morning, we drove up to Joplin for our cheat meal, and all I can say is, "WOW." There was so much food there - in addition to making great pizza, they also bake all of their own deserts, including cinnamon rolls, pies, cakes, and so on.

I had: 3 pieces of pizza (1 thin, 2 regular), catfish fingers, sweet potato french fries, baked macaroni and cheese (the best I've ever had), cheese-fried broccoli, tater tots, toasted ravioli, and a slice of german chocolate cake. While it sounds like a lot of food (well, ok, it was), I ate just 2 catfish fingers, 3-4 tater tots, 1 of the broccoli things, and so on - 2 plates worth of food, total.

We drove home in a zombified-state of carb-loaded hypnosis... But, alas, the nice weather (we hit 76F today) beckoned me to wash and detail the Tahoe... so, at least I got some extra exercise. :-)


Sounds like my kind of place!

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