I don't heart NY

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Had to go to Manhattan for the New York Auto Show on Thursday the 24th. I took the Amtrak Train from Washington DC to Penn Station in NYC. Then I walked to the show (it was only about 5 blocks), and after six hours at the auto show, went back to Penn Station, rode a delayed train back to DC, then took the Metro to Vienna.


Money spent on train tickets: $240
Money spent on food: $6 (2 slices of pizza and a Diet Dr. Pepper)
Miles walked: hmm... felt like about 10
Hours awake: 20
Pictures taken: 157 (we had photos of most everything at the NYC show already)
Interesting new cars at NYC show: 1

(more photos, just click the link below)

The 2007 Ford Shelby Mustang Cobra GT500. I simply must have one of these. It made the whole NY trip worth it - the thing is a beast, and it's drop dead gorgeous. I'm in love.

Of course, if I had a few more bucks, I'd take one of these...

While walking back to Penn Station, I noticed this "parking lot." It only cost $44/day to have your car parked (or stacked) here.

Mmmmm, pasta pizza. It was so good. Unfortunately, I was only able to finish about half of it - those slices were huge...

Empire State Building.

Waiting for my delayed train inside of Penn station, where it was about 250-degrees inside. It's never any fun to be overstuffed, uncomfortable and sweating while waiting for a delayed train. Thank god I won't be back to NY for at least another year... :-)


Sounds like an exciting trip. Don't think the animals would like either one of those cars.

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