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I love satellite radio

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I can't believe I ever drove without access to satellite radio. It may be one of the best inventions ever. XM radio is fantastic - 180-some channels, all broken into specific categories... I almost wish my commutes were longer so I could listen longer.

And now, please meet Simon

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Simon is our 2005 Honda Element EX. We bought him on Friday night from the local Honda dealer. I took the picture (above) earlier today, as we were coming home from Joplin, Missouri.


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Sherm the Worm

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We had a house guest this weekend. His name is Sherman, and he used to be the animal shelter's "office dog" until one of Amy's coworkers adopted him a few months ago. Now he lives the good life, with his family and enjoys treats like chicken breasts, ice cream and all sorts of other goodies. His family took a weekend vacation, so we took care of Sherman at our house. He got along famously with everyone and stole our hearts as he's so sweet and he loves to snuggle (he's the perfect size - about 50 lbs). His family picked him up today at around 5pm.

Sherman's concerned that you won't keep reading - please do, by clicking on "Continued"

Moving on to bigger and better

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I quit my job at Roadfly today, and while it was a great job for nearly 4 years, internal conflicts, uncertainty and an overwhelming feeling of being overworked, under appreciated and stressed out 100% of the time got to be too much.

I found a great job locally, and I'm so excited to be taking on a new job with new responsibilities, new opportunities and tons of potential. It's with a fantastic company that I've admired for years and have wanted to work with for almost a year. The stars finally aligned and I got my wish, and I can't wait to start with them.

I'll be doing some freelance automotive writing and reporting after a while... For now, I need to move on and not even think about cars or the automotive industry. Many sincere thanks to all of my friends and colleagues who've listened to me complain about the status of things at Roadfly for the past 18 months, and many thanks for all of your support - I truly appreciate it. I'll continue to update the blog, and will eventually surface on the web again doing articles and contributing (where possible) to communities and publications.

I'm going to enjoy a few days off (my first in almost a year), and relax by playing some Gran Turismo 4. :-)

A Night of Baseball

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I had the chance to attend my very first college baseball game, and it was a Razorback game, no less. Nat, one of my good friends that works at Arkansas National Bank (ANB) invited me to attend a game, and I took him up on the offer. Little did I know ANB had a luxury box/suite at the new Baum Stadium... Now, that's the way to watch a baseball game - talk about a good time!

The box was huge - easily had room for 30+ people. There was every thing you could imagine - hot dogs, chicken fingers, hot wings, cookies, chips, candy bars (just about every kind imaginable), soda, beer, wine, margaritas, and more. They even gave away a Braun razor as a "guess the final score" thing (I didn't win)... I'll definitely have to go to more games - I can see myself becoming a huge baseball fan, so long as the box is available.


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Love/Hate Relationship

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I hate my current cell phone (pictured on the right). My trusty, beloved Motorola StarTAC (pictured on left) was so much better - I truly loved that phone... In the five plus years I owned my StarTAC, I booked more than 83,000 minutes of use with it. Never once did it let me down. Never once did it lie to me about the status of its battery. Never once did it fail to ring clearly and loudly. It was the perfect phone.

My new piece of garbage (Motorola v400) is a different story. Sure, it can take pictures, send and receive e-mail, browse the web, play games, and has a million fancy ring tones (none of which actually "ring" - they'll play a song, but won't ring), but it stinks. It's soooo bad. I can never hear the ringer, even with it set to full volume. The battery constantly lies to me - says it's 100% charged only to go completely dead 2 minutes later, and the thing is so dang small it's uncomfortable to use.

No real point to this message other than to complain publicly about the poor state of today's cell phone technology. The phone companies have lost focus of a phone's primary purpose - to place and receive phone calls... it seems like they're worrying so much about everything else that they've let the phone quality go to the dumper.