Love/Hate Relationship

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I hate my current cell phone (pictured on the right). My trusty, beloved Motorola StarTAC (pictured on left) was so much better - I truly loved that phone... In the five plus years I owned my StarTAC, I booked more than 83,000 minutes of use with it. Never once did it let me down. Never once did it lie to me about the status of its battery. Never once did it fail to ring clearly and loudly. It was the perfect phone.

My new piece of garbage (Motorola v400) is a different story. Sure, it can take pictures, send and receive e-mail, browse the web, play games, and has a million fancy ring tones (none of which actually "ring" - they'll play a song, but won't ring), but it stinks. It's soooo bad. I can never hear the ringer, even with it set to full volume. The battery constantly lies to me - says it's 100% charged only to go completely dead 2 minutes later, and the thing is so dang small it's uncomfortable to use.

No real point to this message other than to complain publicly about the poor state of today's cell phone technology. The phone companies have lost focus of a phone's primary purpose - to place and receive phone calls... it seems like they're worrying so much about everything else that they've let the phone quality go to the dumper.

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