Moving on to bigger and better

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I quit my job at Roadfly today, and while it was a great job for nearly 4 years, internal conflicts, uncertainty and an overwhelming feeling of being overworked, under appreciated and stressed out 100% of the time got to be too much.

I found a great job locally, and I'm so excited to be taking on a new job with new responsibilities, new opportunities and tons of potential. It's with a fantastic company that I've admired for years and have wanted to work with for almost a year. The stars finally aligned and I got my wish, and I can't wait to start with them.

I'll be doing some freelance automotive writing and reporting after a while... For now, I need to move on and not even think about cars or the automotive industry. Many sincere thanks to all of my friends and colleagues who've listened to me complain about the status of things at Roadfly for the past 18 months, and many thanks for all of your support - I truly appreciate it. I'll continue to update the blog, and will eventually surface on the web again doing articles and contributing (where possible) to communities and publications.

I'm going to enjoy a few days off (my first in almost a year), and relax by playing some Gran Turismo 4. :-)


Where are you going?

Congratulations, but are they going to open a branch office in Wisconsin?!?

P.S. Where should we e-mail you at, other than here on the very public forum?

Good luck to you Steve. I hope that you'll love your new job and that down the road, you'll find one that you'll love even more back in Wisconsin.

Good luck, mang! I know you'll be lots happier in your new position.

BTW, "someone" should post your comments on the Roadfly board, just to let your fans and admirers know what you're up to.

So you're working for a bank. What one word comes to mind when you think of bank . . . . money. What one word that comes to mind when you think of money . . . . savings (that should be the word that comes to your mind Steve, even though your word probably starts with an s and ends with a "pend".

I have a math problem that's been really stumping me. What's 273 plus 128. Wait . . . I just thought of it. 401!!!. Speaking of 401, you better start your 401(k) ASAP. I'm talking 10% of your salary!! Your advisor, signing off.

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