Sherm the Worm

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We had a house guest this weekend. His name is Sherman, and he used to be the animal shelter's "office dog" until one of Amy's coworkers adopted him a few months ago. Now he lives the good life, with his family and enjoys treats like chicken breasts, ice cream and all sorts of other goodies. His family took a weekend vacation, so we took care of Sherman at our house. He got along famously with everyone and stole our hearts as he's so sweet and he loves to snuggle (he's the perfect size - about 50 lbs). His family picked him up today at around 5pm.

Sherman's concerned that you won't keep reading - please do, by clicking on "Continued"

Regis enjoys a rawhide chew.

Big Boy pretends as though he's not interested in what's going on.

Monica is zonked out on the couch (with Amy).

Fat Sulley's holding down the carpet to make sure it doesn't get away.

We had a pretty quiet weekend - I detailed the Tahoe, cleaned the house, cleaned the garage and worked on the yard a bit (weed pulling, raking old leaves). Amy mowed the back yard earlier today, and we just got back from having some Philly Cheesesteaks from Colton's. I start my new job tomorrow at 8:30am, so that should be exciting. More later!


Oh, I'm so happy for sweet little Sherman. I kept asking Amy if anyone had adopted him and was so elated to hear someone had! I had been feeling guilty about not taking him instead of NOW 94.1-POUND MURPHY ATLAS! (He put on 10 pounds since December!) Anyway, hooray for Sherman!

P.S. Good luck at the new job. Can't wait to hear about it.

Hey, Whats with all the lovey crap with all these dogs!!!!
Cats RULE...just ask Fat Sulley

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