Derby Days

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We had a company party on Thursday evening, complete with a horse racing theme, some awesome BBQ, a state of the union address by the CEO of the bank, and some entertainment.

Here are some photos:

Everyone was hungry for BBQ - they had beef, pork, chicken, and sausages, plus a ton of side dishes.

Here's the winner of the hat contest - people were competing in the "best derby hat" contest, and this lady won. She had three horses on her hat, racing around a track, and our company's horse was winning, while our #1 nemesis' horse was in last place.

As part of the "horse race" contest that they had after dinner and after the state of the union address, 8 teams competed for cash prizes, and as part of the contest there were physical challenges. Here we see a team trying to spell out "ANB" with their bodies.

At around 9:15 or so we called it a night, and everyone headed home.

The party was held at our operations office (where I work) - the upstairs is wide open, sort of like a conference center, and can hold 963 people, according to the sign on the wall. All in all, it was a great time, and I got to meet some more people that work at the company, learned about the state of our business (it's great!), and got some good photos for the HR team.


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