The Horse Whisperers

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We have this group of horses that live next to our office, and ever since my first interview at the office, I've been interested in them. They don't appear to have a barn or shelter, and there's a solitary water trough right near our parking lot that never seems to get filled.

Last weekend, I noticed that the trough was empty, and that the horses appeared to be standing by it, waiting for water. I kept an eye on it all this week, and today, when the trough was still empty, I told Nat (my friend from the bank, and longtime "war" buddy) that we should probably give the horses some water.

Nat used to have a horse, and he agreed that it seemed odd that the horses just stood around by the empty trough. So, we went on a mission to get them some water tonight. I drove home, got some 5 gallon buckets, and Nat went and got some hose. While I was waiting for Nat to arrive back at the office, I took some pictures of the horses.

These two were the most friendly of the group.

For more pictures, click the "continue reading" link.

This poor girl has some serious scars on her face, but she's a real sweetie. Decent-sized, and all heart.

This guy was the leader of the pack. He's a pretty big boy, and extremely outgoing and nice.

Nat arrived, with Peyton in tow. Poor Ms. Peyton (a Rhodesian Ridgeback) has a tumor that was recently discovered. Let's keep her in our thoughts, and think good thoughts that she'll be ok! Peyton didn't care for the horses too much (she was a bit scared of them), but the horses were *extremely* interested in her. They perked right up and started prancing around, trying to get her attention.

The horses are looking at Peyton.

We gave them about 10 gallons of water (they drank from the buckets), but they didn't seem to be dying of thirst - they were somewhat thirsty, but it wasn't a "gimme water, now!" situation, so they must have a stream or another trough somewhere in their field... At least we know they're not quite as bad off as I thought they were.

My big buddy, saying good bye for the evening.

The horses are amazing. They're so huge, so strong, and so nice. Just like (really) big dogs, only a little dirtier. :-)


Your Grandpa Meekma would be mighty happy that you're seeing to it that those horses are taken care of. He's watching them (and you) from above.

They're such good horses, it's hard to imagine not taking care of them. :-)

PS: Are the pictures really dark for you? I viewed them at work on one of the "break" computers, and was shocked by how dark all of the photos were. On my computers at home (the Apple and the PCs), the pictures are bright and clear.

If anyone is experiencing really dark photos, let me know, and I'll adjust them a bit so that they're brighter.

Yes, the pictures are a bit dark, but sharp. I've borrowed Judy's digital camera for a project at church and am learning how to use one. You can sure do a lot of things with them. Think I may ask Santa for one next Christmas.

"Well, hello, Wilbur!"

I like Mommy's comment. I'd forgotten Wilbur's name but on occasion still sing "A horse is a horse, of course, of course. But noone can talk to a horse, of course. Unless of course, the horse is the famous Mr. Ed. Go right to the horse, and ask the source. He'll give you the answer that you'll endorse. He's always on a steady course. Talk to Mr. Ed.!!!!"

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