The Potato Man is in Town

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My friend Matt and his girlfriend, Jennifer came to visit us this weekend, all the way from Wisconsin and Illinois (Matt lives in WI, Jen lives in IL). They arrived on Saturday evening, at around 6pm, so we little choice but to drive to Fayetteville for a Brewski burger. Matt had a burger, Jen tried the chicken, and reported that it was tasty and delicious - that's good to know, as I've never devitated from my traditional Brewski burger order.

The weather guessers were promising rain for Sunday, so we were afraid the weather wouldn't cooperate... but, they were quite wrong - it was 80+ and sunny all weekend.

On Sunday, we made our way to the Metfield golf course with the intention of indulging in the "infamous" Metfield breakfast buffet, but a squadron of Bella Vista ghosts drove us off - the line to enter the buffet was about 50 deep, composed primarily of doddering, geriatric geezers dressed in their Sunday-best plaid-and-checkered suits, while a $2.50 synthesizer jammed hits from the '40s for the masses in waiting... "No thanks," said we, so we decided to road-trip it to Eureka Springs.

(story continues, with pictures - click the link).

Eureka never disappoints, thanks to its charming feel and timeless architecture.


A cute little pup stopped to say hello.


After spending a few hours walking the streets of Eureka and enjoying an early lunch, we decided to visit the Turpentine Creek Wilderness Refuge, a sanctuary for "big cats," including tigers, lions, cougars, ligers and tigons. Wow - what a place! They had over 100 rescued cats, and it was so interesting to see them up close (albeit, we were behind two layers of fencing). They're truly magnificent.

Ok, so that's not a tiger - it's a badger (named "Snuffy")... they also had a few other exotic animals - can you believe someone tried to keep a badger as a pet??

That's Koda, a baby (18 months) black bear, who loved to play and show off for everyone.

Two siblings, both with birth defects as a result of the breeder in-breeding his tigers in an attempt to get white tigers.

A cougar rests.

A pair of lions were chewing on sticks (well, branches).

This ferocious beast was really dangerous.

Another tiger.

Look at that paw - it's about 10" across.

Tigers are so gorgeous.

And so is this handsome couple - that's Matt and Jennifer. :-)

Cougars can leap up to 20' vertical - so, in the larger sanctuary cages, they had to have roofs, even though the fencing was 13' high.

This is Spike, the infamous Exxon tiger (from the commercials). He's now a resident at the Turpentine Creek Wilderness Refuge.

Another picture of Spike.

They forgot to add a line about the Liger's skills in magic. (that's for all of you Napolean Dynamite fans...)

That's a real, honest to goodness Liger.

We left the refuge and went to Maria's for dinner (Mexican food), then played a heated game of Scrabble before calling it a night. The next morning, Amy left for work, I made breakfast for Matt and Jen, and they hit the road for home at around 9:15. Thanks for coming down to visit, Matt and Jen - it was a real pleasure having you as guests, and we hope to catch up with you again real soon!


Awesome pics of the kitties! Ligers are pretty sweet I guess. Take care man!

As a doddering geriatric geezer, I resent the reference to doddering geriatric geezers! But the animals are terrific. I hope I get to see them sometime!

Liger...It's only the coolest animal ever!!!

We'll have to visit that place when we come in August. Johnny and Macarey leave for Germany Wednesday.

What's the story on calling Matt "Potato Man"?

Back when we were in middle school, Matt's "spanish name" (from taking spanish in school) was "Matteo." For some reason, we started calling him "Potato."

I guess it stuck... the more perplexing one is why we called Matt Wilson "Chuck." I still don't know why we did that.

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