Update on work

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I love it. Best job ever. The people are so awesome to work with, the work is challenging, and the company is so determined to keep moving forward - I don't see any end to their growth in sight. It's so refreshing to actually want to wake up early and go to work. Completely opposite of how things had become at the old place.

The building is right next to a pasture that has about five or six horses, so it's an added bonus that I get to look out the window at them whenever I feel like it. I'll get some pictures by this weekend.


It's great to hear your new job is going well. Look forward to seeing pictures and finding out more.

I am glad your new job worked out (although you are missed very much over on the forum..., it just is not the same without ya:)

It is soooo much easier to go to work when you are not stressed and actually looking foreward to going to work really makes the day go by fast!!

Take care!!

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