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Happy Anniversary

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I'd like to wish Amy a happy anniversary and say thanks for putting up with me for four (long) years. :-)

What if there's a fire?!

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This is going to be a long one, so let's just skip the pleasant "please click here to continue reading request" and just do it - click the "Continue reading" if you want to hear about what just happened to me... WHY ME?!!!!

Weekend Update

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Howdy. No pictures today... too tired.

I installed HVAC ducts and vents, and started on a cold-air-return, but decided to hold off on it until I get everything else done. It will be too hard to work "behind the main wall" if the return box is there - I'll be tripping over it all the time, so I'll install it at the last possible minute.

I had hoped to get the riser framed, but because it was so freakin' hot this weekend (I had 95+ on my thermometer near the porch), I just didn't have the energy... that, and I re-wired my main light-switch box to include wiring for wall sconces.

I hope to order drywall, more wood, carpet, and a bunch of other stuff this week... Lowes will love me. :-) With any luck, the stuff will be here this weekend, and I'll be able to continue moving forward.

Oh, we also went to a few homes on the Parade of Homes tour this weekend... saw one beauty for $547,000, and its home theater was horrible, so I'm pretty stoked about this project. :-D

Let there be light.

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Finished roughing in the wiring today. Whew... what a job...

500+ ft of wire, 12 120V-20A outlets, 2 125V-30A outlets, the light cans, the dimmer switches, the fan and projector wiring... And this is the result:


And with the back set of lights dimmed (all can be dimmed by "bank"):


Tomorrow I'm going to run speaker wire and put in the heating and A/C ducts. Then it'll be time to build the front stage (and sub/component box), then insulate and drywall.

I'm off to take a shower... I stink right now. :-)


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I can't seem to sleep right now... I have to leave for work in less than 3 hours, and I'm wide awake. :-(

Anyway, here's some pictures from this weekend's progress. We got our final wall up this weekend, and it's a doozy - 2x6 with 3/4" plywood backing + styrofoam. This is the "front wall" of the theater, and is the one that will take the most abuse from the subwoofers, so I wanted to make sure it was plenty strong, vibration free, and that it would protect the concrete block wall of the house.

We used 2 huge tubes of construction adhesive gluing everything, and then we nailed the framing together, screwed it for additional support, and then screwed the backing plywood onto the framing (1 screw every 12" on the studs, and every 6" on the floor plate and header). Styrofoam backing was also glued and tacked into place with 1.5" sheathing nails every 12".

Here's a picture of me nailing the 2nd to last piece of styrofoam on...


And here's the final wall (taken about 5 minutes ago):


We finished the wall on Saturday afternoon, then went to Lowes and Home Depot for lighting and wiring supplies... I'll be darned if wire isn't outrageously expensive right now. I put up the 7 recessed lights today, and started to wire them, but realized I needed a few extra items, so I stopped early. I hope to have the lighting and outlets done by next weekend, then I'll do the HVAC work and start the insulation phase.

Present arrived early

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My subwoofer amplifier arrived about 4 days early. I wasn't expecting to receive it until mid-week. I guess UPS didn't like the idea of having an 80-lb amplifier package sitting in their trucks/warehouses any longer than necessary. :-D


This thing is a beast. I can't wait to try it out. It's 70-odd pounds outside of the box... plenty of power for the subs.


We're going to finish the final wall today, then it's on to wiring duties. Amy and I bought the light cans (for recessed lighting), wiring, outlets, and gang boxes last night. With any luck, the wiring will be done by the end of next weekend. Then it'll be time to add HVAC ducts and insulate.

We started the home theater project today... whew... my dogs are barkin'.

Built a 2x6x15 wall today that's 8.5' tall. We used 2x6 because I want the room to be as solid and quiet as possible, so 2x6 allows me to use R44 insulation around the entire room, including the ceiling.

The calm before the storm...

More lumber. The Element rules - it hauled the 2x6x16 treated lumber with no problems.

Took us about 5.5 hours to build the wall, including measuring everything, figuring out where we'd put a closet (on the outside of the room), where the door should go, and sort through some of the world's crummiest lumber (never use Ridout Building Supply - they're horrible!).

Thankfully, my new Dewalt pneumatic nail gun (with 3.5" Duofast full head nails) made things a lot easier on us - that thing is a monster... shoots nails about 250', and will stick 'em into trees from 100'. :-D

Nat lent me his Dewalt 10" compound miter saw, so the framing went pretty well once we got all of our measurements sorted. We used construction adhesive on the bottom "plate," along with cement nails, driven with a .22-shell nail-set tool. It worked really slick.

We'll get the other wall up this week, and then it's time to start wiring. Once the wiring is done, I'll build my "riser" (a 180"Wx32"Hx36"D 'box' that will hold my subwoofers, audio componets, DVDs, and the TV (it'll sit on top)) and load it with the subwoofers (4x18" Avalanche).

6 hours later, a wall is born. :-) And, yes, it's level and plumb.

The closet area.

The room will measure 15'Wx21'L; the closet will be about 25-square feet. More to come.

What time is it?

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We bought a cool Kit Cat Klock last week, and love it. The eyes and tail are synchronized, so they move back and forth each second.

Today was Pups in the Park, and it looks like it was a success. There had to be 300+ people with their dogs, along with a ton of rescue groups and other interesting folks. I took 200-some pictures, so I'll have to sort through them and post a few.

In other news: the Home Theater project has begun. Pictures and info to follow soon....

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