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I can't seem to sleep right now... I have to leave for work in less than 3 hours, and I'm wide awake. :-(

Anyway, here's some pictures from this weekend's progress. We got our final wall up this weekend, and it's a doozy - 2x6 with 3/4" plywood backing + styrofoam. This is the "front wall" of the theater, and is the one that will take the most abuse from the subwoofers, so I wanted to make sure it was plenty strong, vibration free, and that it would protect the concrete block wall of the house.

We used 2 huge tubes of construction adhesive gluing everything, and then we nailed the framing together, screwed it for additional support, and then screwed the backing plywood onto the framing (1 screw every 12" on the studs, and every 6" on the floor plate and header). Styrofoam backing was also glued and tacked into place with 1.5" sheathing nails every 12".

Here's a picture of me nailing the 2nd to last piece of styrofoam on...


And here's the final wall (taken about 5 minutes ago):


We finished the wall on Saturday afternoon, then went to Lowes and Home Depot for lighting and wiring supplies... I'll be darned if wire isn't outrageously expensive right now. I put up the 7 recessed lights today, and started to wire them, but realized I needed a few extra items, so I stopped early. I hope to have the lighting and outlets done by next weekend, then I'll do the HVAC work and start the insulation phase.


Where did you learn how to do all of this stuff???
It's quite a project.

It's not that difficult - I just need to be smarter than the wood. :-D

Books, TV shows, building smaller-scale things, and Ken (my neighbor) have all helped quite a bit. The wiring-stuff I learned while at Marquip, the rest I just figured out.

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