The Home Theater Project Begins

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We started the home theater project today... whew... my dogs are barkin'.

Built a 2x6x15 wall today that's 8.5' tall. We used 2x6 because I want the room to be as solid and quiet as possible, so 2x6 allows me to use R44 insulation around the entire room, including the ceiling.

The calm before the storm...

More lumber. The Element rules - it hauled the 2x6x16 treated lumber with no problems.

Took us about 5.5 hours to build the wall, including measuring everything, figuring out where we'd put a closet (on the outside of the room), where the door should go, and sort through some of the world's crummiest lumber (never use Ridout Building Supply - they're horrible!).

Thankfully, my new Dewalt pneumatic nail gun (with 3.5" Duofast full head nails) made things a lot easier on us - that thing is a monster... shoots nails about 250', and will stick 'em into trees from 100'. :-D

Nat lent me his Dewalt 10" compound miter saw, so the framing went pretty well once we got all of our measurements sorted. We used construction adhesive on the bottom "plate," along with cement nails, driven with a .22-shell nail-set tool. It worked really slick.

We'll get the other wall up this week, and then it's time to start wiring. Once the wiring is done, I'll build my "riser" (a 180"Wx32"Hx36"D 'box' that will hold my subwoofers, audio componets, DVDs, and the TV (it'll sit on top)) and load it with the subwoofers (4x18" Avalanche).

6 hours later, a wall is born. :-) And, yes, it's level and plumb.

The closet area.

The room will measure 15'Wx21'L; the closet will be about 25-square feet. More to come.


Call me crazy but I can see it already, drink in hand, blasting sound, relaxing....that's me. And then Steve will be tweaking the sound, not satisfied with ANYTHING in the room... lol

What kind of technology is this room going to have?

Nothing but the best, my friend.

4 18" Avalanche subwoofers in an infinite baffle line array, powered by a 4800W Crest Audio amplifier (bridged mono at 4-ohms). Denon 3805 receiver, powering 7 speakers (home built), an Optoma H31 DLP projector with a 120" screen, and a few other goodies (like HD DVD player, HD Dish receiver, etc). We're going to put in a sectional couch, and finish the room in a European-style brown/tan theme. Target due date = early August. With any luck, I'll be wiring it this weekend, after the next wall is done.

Looks like quite a project. Who is "we". You and Amy, or is someone else helping you?

Ken, my neighbor from across the street is helping with the framing. We'll be done by Saturday, at which point I'll start the wiring. With any luck, wiring will be completed by next weekend, and then it's time for insulation and then drywall.

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