Weekend Update

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Howdy. No pictures today... too tired.

I installed HVAC ducts and vents, and started on a cold-air-return, but decided to hold off on it until I get everything else done. It will be too hard to work "behind the main wall" if the return box is there - I'll be tripping over it all the time, so I'll install it at the last possible minute.

I had hoped to get the riser framed, but because it was so freakin' hot this weekend (I had 95+ on my thermometer near the porch), I just didn't have the energy... that, and I re-wired my main light-switch box to include wiring for wall sconces.

I hope to order drywall, more wood, carpet, and a bunch of other stuff this week... Lowes will love me. :-) With any luck, the stuff will be here this weekend, and I'll be able to continue moving forward.

Oh, we also went to a few homes on the Parade of Homes tour this weekend... saw one beauty for $547,000, and its home theater was horrible, so I'm pretty stoked about this project. :-D

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